Studio TGM

Think Global Media Ltd. was founded in 2001, the city of Duesseldorf being the place of our headquarters.

Ever since that year we have been professional partners for international projects in dubbing for TV, cinema and streaming platforms. Our portfolio also includes services in media, among those DVD/BD/UHD-Mastering for clients in Germany as well as in Europe and overseas.

For us, the caption "Think GLOBAL" means professionalism, network thinking and an interdisciplinary dialogue which leads to close co-operation with our clients.

Our studio in the city of Berlin has been designed for professional work in international dubbing projects, being both modern and comfortable, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and at the same time fulfilling the need to feel comfortable for our clients, the dubbing directors and the professional speakers.

Get in touch with us for professional services and personal tutoring in any national or international project.

We look forward to your challenge

TGM: Synchronization for cinema, TV and streaming