Dubbing Projects for Cinema, TV, Streaming

In 2001, we launched our studio in Duesseldorf and later the one in Berlin in order to produce professional projects in dubbing for German and international cinema, TV and, more recently, streaming platforms.

Our professional services include:

  • Rough translation from nearly all languages
  • Dialogue books written by well-known authors
  • Casting for professional speakers in co-operation with our clients
  • High-quality dubbing in our professional studio supervised by our experienced directors
  • Mixing for Cinema / TV / DVD / Streaming

International dubbing projects from any language area or any cultural background represent a challenge, not a problem, for our professional translators, authors, directors and speakers. With respect and understanding of communicative and cultural conventions, we realize German versions of "exotic" projects as well as international versions of German movies and films.

We look forward to your challenge

TGM: Synchronization for cinema, TV and streaming